Team Members

Orion Carp Baits is known for its team ethos, we understand customer service and the ability to listen our team members and that’s why we try and promote ourselves to you as one big happy family. 

We welcome members of all abilities and understand disabilities that some of you may have whether that’s physical or mental. We welcome all our members the opportunity to help with development of new products with constructive feedback, and in turn this will help us to develop as a go too bait company. 

The term 'Team Members', is used because we have established baits in the market place, but as a team member, you will still have the opportunity to test new bait ranges throughout their development.

Level 1

Level 1: -

All approved applications will initially join Level 1 where the expectation is that 

  • You will be active on Social Media sharing our posts. The expectation is that you will share 100% of any product promotional posts and as many other posts made by us and other Team Members as possible. 
  • You will use our baits and promote our baits. 
  • You will have a full understanding of ‘fish care' and the upmost respect for all species.  
  • You will receive a 10% discount on our website products. 

As a Level 1 Member you will have a unique discount code allocated to you to use in our online shop (This code will change on the 1st of every month). If after 3 months you have proved that you are committed to being an active member of the Team, you will be given the opportunity to join Level 2. 

Level 2

Additional to the above.

  • You will receive 25% on all website products 
  • 30% off on developmental baits. 
  • We will place your picture and profile on our web site. 
  • You will also be able to earn rewards by submitting blogs and/or vlogs. 
  • You are also expected to agree to use Orion Carp Baits exclusively (No other brands).

The movement between Levels is a 2-way thing and will be regularly reviewed, if a Level 2 Member is not meeting our expectations then they will be moved back down a level

Our Mission

We are working towards building a company with members from all aspects of angling not just carp. We expect all of our team members to be tolerant of each other’s abilities and those with more experience than others are positively encouraged to help other team members to develop their skills. Equally, less experienced anglers should not be afraid to seek help from other members to help them develop without any prejudice.

Basic Rules

  • You are not attached to any other bait company or promote any other bait company (You will be banned and removed).
  • You will have a full understanding of ‘fish care' and the upmost respect for all species.  
  • You are very active with your fishing on at least one form of social media.  
  • You are a regular visitor to the bankside.  
  • You have a desire to not only learn, but to develop others within the team.  
  • You are tolerant of other members fishing ability and/or communication.  
  • You have very good photography skills, or are willing to take tips and advice from other team members.
  • You have a proven fishing history and will continue to build on it.
  • WE WILL NOT tolerate any ABUSE to staff or any other team member. There is no room for any disrespectful behaviour of any sort and will result in that team member being removed. 

How to Apply

All applications are assessed equally. We will respond to your application via email within 2 days. Ensure you check your 'Spam' folder, as we know that sometimes our emails can end up there. If you have not heard from us within a week, please get in touch as we do respond to every application. 

Please send us the following via email to 

We require information about yourself, age, fishing experience, area you fish with a few good fishing pics.


Tony and Alan